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Eco-Friendly Appliance Services

Start Appliance Service has an ecological approach to appliance sales and servicing on the Central Coast.

Go green dishwasher button representing eco friendly repairs
We’re committed to our eco friendly appliance refurbishing because we love our natural environment.

The Central Coast is an incredible place to live, with our beautiful beaches and lively bushland. We are committed to protecting our environment by reducing landfill, energy and resource use.

Eco-Friendly Appliance Sales and Refurbishing

Appliances take a lot of resources and energy to build, ship and service. Whenever possible, we refurbish appliances to help cut down on their ecological footprint.

Our refurbished appliances are all backed by our full warranty, so you know they are reliable. Great for the environment and your wallet!

Buy Refurbished Appliances

If you have second hand appliances you need to dispose of, call Stephen at Start Appliance Service. He will come to you to pick up and recycle your old washing machine or other appliances throughout the Central Coast.

Appliance Parts Recycling

Start Appliance Service recycles and reuses all parts wherever possible. This saves you money and helps the environment. All our repairs and parts are covered under our full warranty, so you know the result will be both eco-friendly and reliable.